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4 1. INTRODUCTION TO Mathcad Practice (1) Start the Mathcad program and explore it top menu system by click on each menu item. (2) Bring up the Math popup menu toolbar, move mouse over each icon to see the caption. (3) Click each icon of the Math popup toolbar to bring up other popup toolbars and explore them. 1.1.1. Graph Toolbar. The graphic toolbar contains toolbars for Figure 5. Graph Toolbar creating 2D-graph and 3D-graph that are most useful for our purpose. First click on any blank spot in the work area, which tells Mathcad
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Unformatted text preview: where to place the graphic region; then click on the icon or type [Shift][2]( @ sign) Mathcad creates a 2D graphic region at the selected location that can be used to graph any equation y = f ( x ) or vector pair { Y, X } . We will give examples to illustrate how to graph functions and vector pair in later section. 1.1.2. Vector and Matrix Toolbar. The Vector and Matrix Tool-bar contains toolbars for creating and manipulating matrices. Figure 6. Vector and Matrix Toolbar...
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