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1. USER INTERFACE: MENUS AND TOOLBARS 5 The most frequently use menu selection in the matrix popup toolbar is the create matrix icon, which upon click will bring up a dialog box that allow us to create a matrix with specified number of rows and columns. Another way to bring up the matrix creating dialog box is press [Ctrl][M] (hold [Ctrl] key and press [M] key)). matrix with one row or column is a vector . The matrix popup toolbar also contains menu selections that help us to find eigenvalues and eigenvectors, to access each individual row or column, or find inverse. However once we remember the hot-key or function-call for each operation, we don’t really need these toolbars. Using hot-key or function-call is a much quick way to invoke the menu selection. For example, to find inverse of an given matrix A , we only need to type A^{-1} (which will show as A - 1 in the workplace) and = (which
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Unformatted text preview: tells Mathcad to execute the operation) to find it. 1.1.3. Evaluation Toolbar. The Evaluation Toolbar contains tool-Figure 7. Evaluation Toolbar bar for assignment operator :=, global definition operator ≡ , and the evaluation command =. Notice in Mathcad , equal sign = is used as evaluation command that tells Mathcad to carry out the computation. There are two ex-ecution mode, one is automatic , in this mode, Mathcad carries out execution when we press [=]; another is manual , in this mode you will have first press [=] followed by [F9] key to let Mathcad to carry out the execution. The manual mode is desirable when we want to delay the execution and don’t want to be bothered by many error message Math-cad would produce in automatic mode. You turn off/on the automatic mode from the Math menu on the Main Menu bar ....
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