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Unformatted text preview: 1. USER INTERFACE: MENUS AND TOOLBARS 7 The reason behind these differences and using of ≡ Mathcad is that scans your input from top to bottom and left to right as illustrated in the following diagram. Scan Start Top-Left to / Right to  Bottom So a variable or a function must be defined before it is used. The ≡ will give us a leverage to defy this scan order so we can define and use a variable (function) without worrying about the proper order demanded by the Mathcad as illustrated in the following two screen shots. Notice red font indicate a error. 1.1.4. Calculus Toolbar. The Calculus Toolbar as shown below allow us to perform computations found in Calculus. We will give detail description in later section about the symbolic computation using Mathcad ...
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