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1. USER INTERFACE: MENUS AND TOOLBARS 11 1.4. Shortcut keystrokes. Besides using menus or popup menu toolbars to insert item into working place, we can (should) use shortcut keystrokes (or hot keys) to accomplish the same goals. One important concept in entering expression in Mathcad is the place holder. It is a little dark rectangle box . For example, when you type + (addition operator) in any blank area we get + . In the place holders we enter any valid mathematics expression. Mathcad uses arithmetic operators + , - , etc in the same way as standard calculator. The following table list the keystrokes for arith- metic operators, root operators, and subscription (indexing). Keystroke Usage Type Display Remark + add a+ a + type an expression in - subtract a- a - type an expression in * times a* a · type an expression in / divide a/ a type an expression in power a a type an expression in \ square root \ type an expression in
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Unformatted text preview: [Ctrl] \ n th root [Ctrl] \ √ type index in the first and radicand in the second [ subscript a[ a type subscripts separated by , in Table 1. Arithmetic And Radical Operators Since in mathematics x = y has four different meanings, (1) definition: defines functions or notation, for example, in the expression f ( x ) = x 2 + 1, one defines a function f by an ex-pression x 2 + 1 . (2) assignment: assigns value of y to x; like in the sentence “set x = y. ..’ (3) logical equal: x is equal to y logically; like in the sentence “if x = y . ..”. (4) result of computation: like “ 4 + 5 = 9” here 9 is result of adding 5 to 4. Mathcad uses = as execution command, that is to tell Mathcad to compute the value. It uses (:=) for assignment and definition, and (boldface = ) for logic equal....
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