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14 1. INTRODUCTION TO Mathcad and another screen shot for selected text region, Figure 15. Select Text Region To select one or more regions on the screen, move the mouse to the starting point and hold down right button and move the mouse. A selecting box appears, any item inside the selecting box is surrounding by a dashed box as shown in the following screen shot. Figure 16. Select Multiple Locations After releasing the right mouse button, all regions selected items are bounded by dash box and the mouse cursor changes to a small hand. Click and hold mouse on any of selected region, you can move the selected regions to any wanted location. To deselect, simply click on any blank region outside the selecting box. We can also select items inside each region. When we click a math region, we see a blue selecting line under the currently selected item.
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Unformatted text preview: The blue selecting line has three different shape depends on where we click at in a math region. If we click at the beginning of the math region (or before a math operator like +, -, ) etc.), the blue selecting line is look like x ; if we click at the middle of some text, the blue selecting line is look like ⊥ ; if we click at the end of the region (or after a math operator like +, -,) etc.), the blue selecting line is look like y . The following screen shot displays some of the cases, By push space bar , we can increase number of item selected, arrow keys are used to change selection and shape of the blue selection line. To select texts in a text region, we just click at any desired point inside the region, and either hold the right button down while dragging...
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