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2. BASIC USAGE OF Mathcad 19 Figure 19. Graph of two function in one graphing box Notice, in this second screen shot t has only one value 2, so the graph displayed as one point(green). We have changed the weight of the trace to 5 so the point is big green dot. Mathcad is capable to display many type of graphs. In the later chapters we will learn how to plot 3-D graphs, such surface plot, contour plot, vector field plot, etc. Practice Start Mathcad program, (1) Type the following expression in the work area (a) x + 3 y (b) x 2 + 2 x - 5 (c) e 2 x (d) x^2 *y^2 -x*y /2x*y-5 , notice you need to hit
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Unformatted text preview: space bar a few time to before you enter /, so you get expression x 2 y 2-xy 2 xy-5 (e) sin(3 x ) e x-t 3 e-2 t (2) Define matrices A = • 3 4-1 18 ‚ by entering A:[Ctrl][M] and choose 2 for row and column numbers, entering the num-bers in proper place holder. (a) Find inverse of A by type A^{-1} (a) Find A • 2 4 ‚ by entering A*[Ctrl][M] and set row=2 and col=1 in the dialog box, entering the number then press =. Define b = •-2-5 ‚ , and find Ab . (3) Define the following functions...
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