2 neurotransmitters - Parasympathetic acetylcholine(cholinergic fibers conserve energy has cranial and sacral portions(Cr III ocular m Cr VII

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2 neurotransmitters: autonomic Sympathetic- noreepinephrine (adrenergic fibers), energy producer (increases heart rate. Glucose, fight or flight, digestion inhibitor) - starts at thoracic region and continues to upper lumbar (T1-L2) - has a pre and post ganglion portion - starts from spinal cord (lat horn) to target area (smooth and skeletal m., glands)
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Unformatted text preview: Parasympathetic- acetylcholine (cholinergic fibers), conserve energy- has cranial and sacral portions (Cr III ocular m, Cr VII facial, Cr IX glossophyngeal- glands, Cr X vagus), (S2, S3, S4- ventral horn)- has pre and post ganglion portions...
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