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General Senses 1. Touch and pressure a. Meisssner’s corpuscles- fingers, palms, soles, lips, external genitals, small oval capsule of c.t. containing two or more dendrites in epidermis (fine touch) b. Merkel’s disk- in epidermis (fine touch) c. Pacinian corpuscles- single sensory surrounded by c.t., found in joints, tendons, deep lays of skin d. Ruffini- dermis, joint capsules- heavy touch and joint movements
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Temperature a. cold and hot 3. Pain a. branching dendrites located throughout skin, muscles and most visceral organs b. other sources of pain light c. referred pain- pain felt in areas not directly related to region of problem 4. Body position a. proprioceptors- receptors that relate to body position (muscle, tendons, joints)...
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