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Smell - plate into cranial cavity d sensory neuron into...

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Smell 1. Olfaction known as sense of smell 2. olfactory organs- include receptors and other cells; pick up 50 senses, supported by striated squamous epithelium 3. Olfactory pathways a. olfactory hairs receptor cells pick up odor (located in epithelium tissues) b. gas dissolved in mucus layer reach olfactory organ c. hairs generate action potential along receptor through nasal epithelium and cribiform
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Unformatted text preview: plate into cranial cavity d. sensory neuron into olfactory bulb (swelling) at base of brain e. olfactory bulb- along olfactory n. to frontal lobes of cerebral cortex f. olfactory gland- secrete mucus 4. linked to limbic system (emotional and memory)...
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