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Tibiallis posterior L5 - Gluteus maximus L5 S1 S2 Lateral...

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Tibiallis posterior L5, S1 Proximal two-thirds of posterior surface of tibia; proximal two thirds of fibula; interosseous membrane Navicular; cuneiform; cuboid; bases of second to fourth metatarsals Inversion and; plantar flexion of foot Biceps femoris- long head L5, S1, S2 Long head- ischial tuberosity Head of fibula Extension of thigh; Flexion of leg; external rotation of flexed leg
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Unformatted text preview: Gluteus maximus L5, S1, S2 Lateral surface of ileum behind posterior gluteal line; dorsal sacroiliac and sacrotuberous ligaments; dorsal surface of sacrum Illiotibial tract; gluteal tuberosity of femur Extension, external rotation, abduction (upper fibers), and adduction (lower fibers) of thigh...
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