past phys 101 exam 2008

past phys 101 exam 2008 - PHYS 101 MIDTERM October 24th,...

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PHYS 101 MIDTERM October 24 th , 2008 ---- WITH SOLUTIONS ---- The exam comprises two parts: 8 short-answer questions, and 4 problems. A formula sheet is attached to the back of the exam. Calculators are allowed. Answer all the short-answer questions with a few words or a phrase, but be concise, please! For the problems, your grade will be calculated with the best two problems . Show your work. The short answer problems are worth two points each, and the problems are worth 10 points each. Put all answers in the red and white answer booklets provided; you may keep this exam. Good luck ! Short answer questions (answer all): you should not need to do any calculations for these questions. Answer in a few words, a short phrase, or a simple sketch. 1) [2 p ts ] Draw a ve loc i
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Answer: Path (B) from the law of inertia (Newton±s first law) and that fact that no forces act in the horizontal plane after the string breaks. The path is thus tangential to the circle. 3) [2 p ts ] In the d iagram be low, the block slides down a frictionless track from a height h. Express the final speed at point A in terms of h, r, and d. Consider that h>>r so that the block does not leave the track at the top of the loop. A n s w e r :
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past phys 101 exam 2008 - PHYS 101 MIDTERM October 24th,...

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