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Over the next several months UNIV 112 will more than likely be one of my favorite courses. I have always had an interest in reading, analyzing text, drawing conclusions, and writing, hence the reason for me being an English major. I expect UNIV 112 to be a course that is not just the instructor standing in front of a class feeding students information, but rather, allowing students to teach one another through discussion and expressing opinion. Discussion and debate is the most interesting aspect of UNIV 112 because it will allow me to apply my analytical skills and broaden my perspective by interacting with other students. During our first class discussion, I realized that other students share similar thoughts and
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Unformatted text preview: ideas and that all our ideas off one another. As a class, we are also able to draw conclusions from other texts or readings and apply them to the topic at hand. I am not particularly interested in reading 20 th century writing. Such readings are much more difficult for me to read due to the context and diction of the writing. As a result, I have a tendency to procrastinate on assignments as such. I enjoy reading non-fiction such as The Other Wes Moore and writings that tell a story. I will be successful in UNIV 112’s because I am able to fulfill its purpose which is to help first year students become active in class. I look forward to our class discussions, debates, and readings....
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