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Marolla and Leamnson In reading Joseph Marolla’s A 21 st -Century Education and Robert Leamson’s Learning Your First Job , it is evident that the two articles share similarities that are relevant to first year college students. From the start, Leamson makes it clear that learning is something you as a student choose to do. Although one may learn the material, being able to retain it, remember it, and understand it, takes more than just doing the work. For example, he states that understanding and remembering takes practice and must be rehearsed. Marolla states that students, by the end of the year, are able to know the meaning and intent of their coursework while they also experience the joy of making significant progress in each of the designated skill areas. Both speak to the wider scope of just learning the course curriculum. Marolla’s article goes into detail on how the University College intends to make first year
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Unformatted text preview: students more comfortable and successful at VCU. Focus Inquiry I-II focuses on certain target skill areas that are implemented to help success in and out of college. Leamnson also gives target skills that should be implemented such as studying, making notes, exams, and dealing with tough courses. Both address skills that will help a first year student become successful . Marolla and Leamson both write to try and get students to understand that success is possible in college and that the way one got through high school is not applicable to college. As a student is it your responsibility to take control of how and what you learn. Choices are one of the biggest characteristics of college students and being able to make the right choices is important for success....
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