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visual literacy - I gwe ,1 Visual Literacy In Visual...

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Igwe ,1 Visual Literacy In Visual Literacy , Peter Goin speaks on the issue of photography losing it is metaphorically and lyrical elements. He examines how viewers of images have lost the wider spectrum a photograph; thus redefined the meaning of a picture. Goin believes that the feeling of photography in the nineteenth century when it was first created has continued throughout time. Photography then was used as visual support for a factual idea. Due to social scientists, the use of images for accuracy of their factual findings, photographs are simply used to support written text. Viewers incorporate their own interpretation of the emotional contents of an image which can result in losing the point of view of the photographer. Towards the end of the essay, Goin describes the difference between truth and fact and how a photograph can exhibit both. Photographs and its technologies change over time and allow for new and broader interpretations. When viewing the picture of rapper Kanye West and country singer Taylor Swift, there
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visual literacy - I gwe ,1 Visual Literacy In Visual...

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