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Netiquette Definition - internet Because there is no verbal...

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The World Wide Web is one of the main forms of communication, whether it is via email, chat, or social network, millions of people interact everyday just by clicks of a button. Just as we have the laws and common sense rules in today’s society to minimize the chaos and conflict between people communicating and interacting with actual physical contact, we need rules to help things on the internet run smoothly as well. Netiquette or “net etiquette” is what we call these rules. There are many different types of netiquette which include email netiquette, chat netiquette, and business netiquette. These types of netiquette give suggestions as to what to do so that there is no offensive language and behavior on the
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Unformatted text preview: internet. Because there is no verbal talking, extra precautions should be taken to make sure that people on both sides of the conversation are not offended by words written to them. This is not the only purpose for netiquette. Netiquette is also used to teach people how they should present themselves on the internet to get what they want. This is not for immoral purposes, but so that they are able to get a job or correctly and professionally state what they are trying to achieve. There are many small things that should be taken into consideration when writing to someone with power so that you will seem as professional as possible....
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