F08-homework_1 - 9 Indicate if the following substances are...

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NEW Homework 1 BCH 361 Fall 08 Name of the student: student ID: 1.) Draw a schematic picture of a eukaryotic cell and indicate the important organelles 2.) Which organelle in a plant cell is performing photosynthesis? 3.) What is the function of a lysosome? 4.) How are the oldest organisms on earth called, which live in extreme environments, like hot springs? 5.) What is the main difference of the lipids composition in archaebacteria in comparison to and all other organisms 6.) Please assign the following organisms to the 5 kingdom and three kingdom schemes of life: yeast cats E.coli tulips Methanococcus janaschii (lives in hot springs) 7.) Explain what is meant with mutual symbiosis and give one example. 1
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8.) Which organelles of a plant cells are derived from endosymbiotic origin?
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Unformatted text preview: 9.) Indicate, if the following substances are polar or non-polar: Ethanol Ammonia Hexane Tetrachlormethan Water 10.) Explain why the boiling point of water so much higher than the boiling point of ethan, even if the latter one is a larger molecule? 11.) Formulate the ion product constant of water. Does the dissociated grade of water depend on the temperature? 12.) Calculate the H + and OH-ion concentration in [mol/l] of a solution at pH 0 and pH 14. 13.) KOH is a strong base. Calculate the pH of a solution, where 0.005 mol KOH where dissolved in 500 ml water under the assumption that the KOH is completely dissociated in water. 14.) Give an example of a buffer and explain the function of a buffer. 2...
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F08-homework_1 - 9 Indicate if the following substances are...

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