F08-homework_5 - 1 (4b) Is the peptide bond formation...

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NEW Homework 5 BCH 361 Fall 08 Name of the student:. .............................................................. (1) Write the chemical equation for the overall reaction of the formation of the aminoacyl-tRNAs by the Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases. (2) Which is the first tRNA bound to the Ribosome in the process of protein biosynthesis in prokaryotes and eukaryotes? (3) What is the function of the Shine-Dalgarno-Sequence and how it interacts with the ribosome? (4) Show and draw the mechanism for the peptide bond formation at the ribosome between the peptide t-RNA Ala -Ala-fMet sitting at the P site and the aminoacyl-t-RNA Gly - Gly sittng at the A site. Show the mechanism (nucleophilic or electrophilic) and the final product which is sitting at the A site after reaction has been completed.
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Unformatted text preview: 1 (4b) Is the peptide bond formation catalyzed by the proteins or RNAs of the ribosome and does this step involve hydrolysis of GTP or ATP or none of them? (5) How is the mRNA recognized by the ribosome in Eukaryotes? (6) Draw the structure of the methylguanosine Gppp 5' Cap of the eukaryotic m-RNA and indicate where the methylation occurs! (7) How many release factors are involved in Procaryotic and Eucaryotic Translation? Name the release factors and their function. (8) Compare and contrast the differences between the function of the trigger factor and a chaperone! (9) Name 5 kinds of posttranslational modifications of eukaryotic proteins! (10) Describe the 3 posttranslational modification steps that are involved in maturation of insulin! 2...
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F08-homework_5 - 1 (4b) Is the peptide bond formation...

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