F08-homework_6 - which inserts the primer(6 Which of the 5...

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Homework 6 fall 2008 BCH 361 TOPICS Replication, Viruses and AIDS Name of student. ......................................................................... (1) How many origin and how many replication forks are present in the circular prokaryotic DNA. (2) Is the replication mono- or bi-directional? (3) The new DNA strands are always synthesized in 5' 3' direction. Describe how the cells can synthesize the lagging strand of the DNA. (4) Formulate the chemical reaction which is catalyzed by the polymerases. Is the reaction carried out by an electrophilic or nucleophilic attack? (4) What are the functions of the DNA-Polymerases I and II in Prokaryotes? (5) Describe the function of the primer. Does it consist of RNA or DNA and what is the enzyme called
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Unformatted text preview: which inserts the primer. (6) Which of the 5 eukaryotic DNA Polymerases catalyzes the synthesis of the leading strand? 1 (7) List 3 differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic replication. (8) Describe the mechanism by which a virus infects prokaryotic cell (9) What is a retrovirus? (10) Explain the meaning of GAG POL and ENV! (11) What is the function of a reverse transcriptase? Is this enzyme found in DNA or RNA viruses (12) Explain what the quality of the reverse transcriptase in the HIV virus has to do with the problem that there is still no vaccine against the HIV virus! (13) How does a eukaryotic virus exit the cell? 2...
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F08-homework_6 - which inserts the primer(6 Which of the 5...

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