F08-homework_9 - Glyconeogenesis (7) What are the two major...

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Homework 9 BCH361 Principles of Biochemistry Fall 08 name of student: student ID: (1) Formulate the sum equation for the conversion of Glucose to 2 molecules of Pyruvate. (2) How many ATP molecules are formed during conversion of Glucose into Pyruvate? (3) Name the three reaction pathways which Pyruvate undergoes in the metabolic pathways inside the cell and give the names of the final products of each of these pathways. (4) Which of the three pathways provides the cell with the largest amount of energy? (5) Describe the interaction of the liver and the muscle in building and recycling of lactate in the process named Cori cycle or substrate cycling.
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(6) Where in the cell do the following pathways take place? Glycolysis Respiration Citric acid cycle β -Oxidation of fatty acids Synthesis of nucleic acids Synthesis of membrane lipids
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Unformatted text preview: Glyconeogenesis (7) What are the two major storage molecules for energy in animals? (8) Which of the following organs in the human body does not store or export fuel: Brain, active heart muscle, Liver, Adipose tissue? (9) How many ATP molecules can be received from the degradation of 1 molecule of Palmitylic acid to CO 2 and water? (10) Describe the way fatty acids transport from the intestine to adipose cells. (11) Which kind of lipo-protein-complexes have the highest amount of cholesterol? (12) What are the two major functions of cholesterol? (13) Which types of molecules provide the brain with energy under normal conditions and under long time starvation? (14) Name one hormone and one biochemical pathway which is decreased by the release of this hormone....
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F08-homework_9 - Glyconeogenesis (7) What are the two major...

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