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F08-homework_11 - gamma subunit and how this relates to the...

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Fall 2008 Homework 11 Principles of Biochemistry BCH 361 Name of Student: ........................................... (1) Which four membrane proteins constitute the electron transport chain in respiration? (2) Draw the structure of the electron carrier that transfers electrons from complex I to the cytochrome bc1 complex in its reduced and oxidized form. (3) Which reaction is catalyzed by complex IV, the cytochrome c oxidase? How many electrons are needed for one complete reaction and how many protons are needed for the chemical reaction? How many protons are pumped across the membrane in one comple reaction cycle? (4) Describe the mechanism of the coupling of proton translocation and ATP synthesis by the ATP-Synthase. Thereby explain how the movements of protons drive rotation of
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Unformatted text preview: gamma subunit and how this relates to the binding change mechanism in the catalytic center of the enzyme. 1 (5) Write the sum reaction for photosynthesis (6) Which two membrane complexes are able to catalyze light induced charge separation across the photosynthetic membrane? (7) How many charge separation events in Photosystem II must take place before one molecule of oxygen is released? (8) What is the function of the cytochrome b 6 f complex? (9) Describe (or draw a schematic picture) of the electron transfer chain in Photosystem I! (10) Name one of the two alternate soluble electron carrier (s) that transport the electrons from the cytochrome b 6 f complex to Photosystem I? (11) What is the function of Rubisco? 2...
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