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Due Date: August 29, 2011 FDST 4050/6050 Problem Set #2 1. Sucrose crystals are being produced in a crystallizer by cooling 1000 kg of 76% sucrose solution to 15 °C. If the saturated solution at 15 °C contains 66% sucrose, what is the amount of sucrose crystals produced? 2. A liquid product with 10% product solids is blended with sugar before being concentrated (removal of water) to obtain a final product with 15% product solids and 15% sugar. Determine the quantity of final product obtained from 200 kg of liquid product. How much sugar is required? Compute mass of water removed during concentration. 3. Diced potatoes are being dried in a drier using heated air. The potatoes at a moisture content of 85% enter the drier at a rate of 15 Kg/min. The air flow rate into the drier is 1000 kg/min. the moisture content of the air is 0.03%. Inside the direr, the moisture content of the potatoes is reduced, the dried potatoes leave the drier at a moisture content of 16%. Calculate the percent moisture content of air leaving the drier.
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