Thermodynamics_0826 - Thermodynamics Definition of...

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Thermodynamics Definition of thermodynamics Thermodynamics is the branch of science which deals with , and their , and the properties of the substances which are related to work and heat transfer. Law of thermodynamics is the basis for many engineering calculation and design associated with food process and equipment, such as energy conservation, heating and cooling, and design of refrigeration systems. Thermodynamic system Closed system (fixed mass system): Open system (control volume): Isolated system: neither mass nor energy can across the boundary or control surface. Thermodynamic properties: macroscopic characteristics or attributes which defines the state of the substances. These are observable and measurable properties. Extensive property: Intensive property: not depend on the extent (size) of the system. E.g. temp, pressure, etc. Extensive property can be converted into intensive o e.g. volume (extensive property) divided by mass is converted to specific
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Thermodynamics_0826 - Thermodynamics Definition of...

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