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Health Psychology Final exam Study Guide This review sheet is intended to be a guide only. You are responsible for all lecture material since the second exam, chapters 10-14 (and selected information from chapters 1-9-see below), supplemental readings since the second exam, and any films shown in lecture since the second exam. *MAY BE SUBJECT TO MINOR CHANGES. IF SO, I WILL ALERT YOU IN CLASS. Coping with stress/Chapter 10 1. Know the difference between problem-focused and emotion-focused coping 2. Understand the avoidant and proactive coping styles 3. Know Cohen and Lazarus’ 5 general coping strategies 4. Know about optimism and pessimism in coping 5. Understand the concept of learned helplessness 6. Know about emotional disclosure and what happens when you don’t express emotions about stressful or traumatic events 7. Understand the Sense of Coherence Theory 8. Know about the concept of hardiness 9. Know about techniques for stress management and relaxation Serious Illness: The Patients’ Perspective/Chapter 11 1. Know the stages of serious illness 2. Understand the details of the different losses of serious illness 3. Know how family members are involved in the early stages for a patient with a serious illness (i.e., in the CCU/ICU) 4. Describe the aspects of the emotional challenges of serious illness
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Final+exam+Study+Guide - Health Psychology Final exam Study...

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