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Patient Adherence Patient adherence: o Patient compliance : How is nonadherence exhibited Failure to: Why does nonadherence matter? Over-prescription of medication Development of drug-resistant infections Lack of improvement of symptoms Costs to health care system No trust between physician and patient Measurement of adherence o There is no “gold standard”: What are the rates of nonadherence? o Averages of reported adherence range from __________ o Up to ___________ of patients are nonadherent with lifestyle change regimens or complex regimens o Highest rates of adherence: 0. o Lowest rates of adherence: 1
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-- Why is adherence challenging for patients? -- -- -- Why is adherence challenging for patients? (cont.) 0. Knowledge: __________ of patients can’t remember what they were told in their last medical visit 1. Regimen complexity: Psychosocial factors that may affect a patient’s ability to adhere
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Unformatted text preview: Adherence and mental health status 2. Depression 0. Meta-analysis found that depressed medical patients were_____ times more likely to be nonadherent than non-depressed patients 0. What is meta-analysis?: o Why is adherence a challenge? 1. Depression What is Social support? 3. Def: 2 4. Certain dimensions of support have certain functions: 1. 2. 3. Social support and health Adherence and social support 0. Social support : Achievement of patient adherence o Strategies: Provider-patient partnership and open communication o Talk with patients about beliefs and understanding of illness o Make regimen simple and fit into patients’ life • • Improving adherence: Medication Reminders 5. Prompt : 6. Reminders of different types: Linking medication-taking with other routines (e.g., brushing teeth, having breakfast, etc.) 3...
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Patient+Adherence+lecture+9_+student+notes - Adherence and...

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