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Health Risk Behaviors Health compromising behaviors o Smoking 0. ___________ U.S. adults smoke cigarettes 1. ½ of all deaths due to cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease related to smoking Smoking (cont.) o How to quit? o o o What works? o o Challenge of quitting relapse : Eating disorders o Anorexia Nervosa: Self-starvation, BMI chronically < 18, disturbed body image, intense fear of weight gain Health consequences: o Bulimia Nervosa: At least two bulimic (binge-purge) episodes a week for at least 3 months; lack of control over eating 2. Health consequences: Risk Factors: Treatment : Alcohol abuse Alcoholism: Problem drinking: 1
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Binge drinking: Alcohol abuse (cont.) Survey of 140 U.S. colleges ___% students problem drinkers ____% binge drinkers ___% frequent binge drinkers The Physical Effects of Alcohol Consumption Inhibits dopamine and other neurotransmitters associated with emotional  behavior and cravings
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Health+Risk+Behaviors+lecture+7_student+notes -...

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