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Being healthy and preventing disease Chronic vs. acute conditions 0. Chronic: 1. 2. 3. Acute: Leading causes of death in the U.S. o 1900: o 2005 (CDC): Cardiovascular disease: Disorders of the heart and blood vessels, including stroke and CHD Heart attacks (myocardial infarction) – Atherosclerosis: Cancer: A set of diseases in which abnormal body cells multiply and spread forming a tumor Carcinomas include Causes include Stroke: 4. Involves …. 5. Some completely resolve 6. Others have lasting effects:
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Role of behavioral factors in disease and disorder Fewer…. o Increase in …. . Health Behaviors and Health Promotion o Health behaviors : o Health promotion : 0. Individual 1. HCP 2. Community/policy makers 3. Mass media Prevention o Primary prevention: Prevent a problem before it develops Examples: o Secondary prevention: Prevent a problem before it develops Examples: o Tertiary prevention: Taking actions to slow or minimize the damage caused by an illness or disease Examples:
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Unformatted text preview: Health-promoting behaviors Examples: Exercise o Aerobic exercise : o o o Benefits: o Only _______________of Americans engage in regular exercise o How much? Cancer-related prevention 4. Testicular self-examination: Most common cancer in men between ages 15 and 35 is testicular cancer 5. Mammogram: Recommended for women over 40 every 1-2 years and at-risk women before age 40 6. Breast self-exams also recommended but not a substitute for mammograms or clinical breast exam 7. Sunscreen: Skin cancer is among the most preventable 8. Big risk factor is exposure to UV radiation More prevention behaviors o Seat belts, bike helmets: o Condom use: o Immunizations: o Proper dental hygiene: Healthy eating and weight control 7. Weight control is about more than your appearance _________ of U.S. population is overweight or obese (CDC, 2003-2004) Body Mass Index (BMI): 8. Risks of obesity:...
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