Flourens comapred to Gall

Flourens comapred to Gall - described his experiments on...

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Jean Pierre Flourens (1794-1864) Franz Joseph Gall and colleague Johann Spurzheim worked together on the idea of phrenology which is someone’s skull size, shape and characteristic bumps on the skull were said to be correlated to their personal characteristics and specific behaviors. 1 There was no real scientific proof of the idea; Gall just practiced through observations of human’s skulls. Gall set the stage for the localization of specific brain regions and functions, but there was criticism for the phrenological idea. Marie Jean Pierre Flourens was born in Maueihan, France. He studied medicine in his youth and before the age of 20, received a degree in medicine. Flourens had an interest in physiology and played a part in many publications. One of his own major publications was Recherches experimentales sur les propriétés et les fonctions du système nerveux dons les animaux vertébrés , which
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Unformatted text preview: described his experiments on animals, usually birds, to study the 1 www.brainconnection.com/tops/?main=fa/brain-myth2 different functions and properties of their nervous system. 2 These experiments were the first actual displays of localizing certain brain functions. In Flourens’ experiments, he removed specified parts of the brain to see what behavioral functions would be altered. For example, if he where to remove the cerebellum, then the bird’s motor dexterity and equilibrium would be affected/absent, depending on the size of the ablation. 3 Flourens, being one of Gall’s biggest critics, knew that there were separate regions of the brain that had separate functions, but they had to be working together for the total function of the brain as a whole or “equipotential”. 2 www.serendip.brynmawr.edu/Mind/Adaptation.html 3 www.brainconnection.com/topics/?main=fa/brain-myth 2...
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Flourens comapred to Gall - described his experiments on...

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