Karl Lashley and Wilder Penfield

Karl Lashley and Wilder Penfield - Karl Lashley 1890-1958...

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Karl Lashley 1890-1958 Student of JB Watson--assisted an ethological sea gull study with him Wrote “Basic neural mechanisms in behavior” (1930) (1) The principle of "mass action" stated that the cerebral cortex acts as one—as a whole—in many types of learning. The principle of " equipotentiality " stated that if certain parts of the brain are damaged, other parts of the brain may take on the role of the damaged portion. (2) We also call this phenomenon ‘brain plasticity’. Describe the Karl Lashley Wilder Penfield debate. Lashley advocated mass action of brain – EVIDENCE - after training rats in a maze, Lashley could remove as much as 20% of rat brain and the rats MEMORY of the learned maze remained intact. Lashley concluded that memories were stored throughout brain (holograph analogy). Wilder Penfield advocated memory localization of the brain EVIDENCE – ESB prior to brain surgery – patients remained awake & conscious and when Carl Lashley (1) http://www.cas.buffalo.edu/classes/psy/segal/4212001/ubehaviorism.html (2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Lashley (3) http://www.wwnorton.com/college/titles/psych/ebook/sample/ch04.pdf %22the+behavioristic+interpretation+of+consciousness %22&source=web&ots=nafZdoNqVF&sig=BqKcjfGlLwUpZh6wJ85AZKf3p2g#PPA96,M1
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--- stimulated a specific region, the temporal lobe, a female patient reported hearing a very specific melody, but only when Penfield electrically stimulated one specific spot and no others (because the brain cortex lacks sensation, the woman could not tell what point was being stimulated). The notion that the brain, or at least the
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Karl Lashley and Wilder Penfield - Karl Lashley 1890-1958...

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