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Wundt - Volunteerism or Structuralism

Wundt - Volunteerism or Structuralism - Was Wundt a...

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Was Wundt a ‘Volunteerist’ or a ‘Structuralist’? Here is how Wundt opens his book Outline of Psychology http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Wundt/Outlines/sec1.htm In chapter 1, Wundt notes: ‘ therefore, that psychical elements, or the absolutely simple and irreducible components of psychical phenomena, cannot be found by analysis alone, but only with the aid of abstraction. This abstraction is rendered possible by the fact that the elements are in reality united in different ways He also uses the term volunteerism (plug Wundt Volunteerism into Google) and you will hit his original works: 9. In all these respects voluntaristic psychology is opposed to intellectualism. While the latter assumes an inner sense and specific objects of inner experience, volunteerism is closely related to the view that inner experience is identical with immediate experience. According to this doctrine, the content psychological experience does not consist of a sum of objects, but of all that which makes up the process of experience in general, that is of all the experiences of the subject in their immediate character, unmodified by abstraction or reflection. It follows of necessity that the contents of psychological experience are here regarded as an interconnection of processes .
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