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Concept Review History of Modern Psych, 3e: Study Guide, Chapter 15 15-1 Print out this document. After you finish reading and studying each main section of the chapter, answer the questions to test your comprehension. A, The Growth and Diversity of Psychology 1. In what ways has psychology become more diverse over the years? (p. 505) 2, Describe the difficulties encountered by Eleanor Gibson in her quest to become a research psychologist. (p. 506) 3. What problems did Jewish psychologists face in the 1930s in the United States? (p.
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Unformatted text preview: 508) 4. Describe the Clark doll studies and their impact on the Brown v. Board of Education decision. (p. 510) B. Trends in Contemporary Psychology& The Future: Psychology or Psychologies 1. Describe five trends that your textbook author sees in modern psychology (p. 511) 2. In this last section of the book what is the main issue that is described? (p. 512) 3. What role does history play ion this issue? (p. 514)- 1 -...
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