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4391 Resource- Modern Therapies RT BT CBT RT Boulder-Vail History Eysenck Behavior Therapy – Joseph Wolpe -   treatment of human behavioral disorders through the reinforcement of acceptable behavior and suppression of undesirable behavior. Uses positive or negative reinforcers to encourage desirable behavior and punishments to discourage undesirable behavior. Believe that behaviors can be learned or unlearned through basic conditioning techniques. The range of techniques now used include processes of desensitization and flooding for anxiety responses, and the use of rewards and punishments Rational Emotive Therapy – Albert Ellis - based on the premise that emotional problems arise as a result of the unrealistic beliefs people hold about themselves. They construct their view of reality by the means of their evaluations, beliefs and philosophies about negative events in addition to the events themselves. This type of therapy is a comprehensive, active-directive, philosophically and empirically based psychotherapy which focuses on resolving cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems. It was created by Albert Ellis in the mid 1950’s as one of the first cognitive behavior therapy approaches. REBT is an educational and active-directive process in which the therapist teaches the client how to identify irrational and self-defeating beliefs which in nature are rigid, extreme, unrealistic, illogical and absolutist, and then to forcefully and activily
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Modern+Therapies - 4391 Resource- Modern Therapies RT BT...

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