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Social Psychology 3331Spring 2010 Study Sheets #1 Chapters 1, 2, 3 and additional readings listed on the syllabus: The concepts below are from the lectures and the assigned book readings. This is supplementary material and should not substitute your careful reading of the book chapters and lecture notes. Some terms may be repeated. dependent variable self-awareness self-discrepancy self-perception role playing random assignment independent variable norms random sampling interaction main effect curvilinear correlation correlation confederates social learning theory debriefing self-fulfilling prophesy Pygmalion effect reactivity (Hawthorne effects) observational methods experiment social comparison similar other downward comparison comparison to similar others hypothesis quasi-experiment self-presentation theory good theory mundane realism experimental realism self-reports/surveys causation value satiation valence ingratiation goal substitute Kurt Lewin barrier Field theory goal gender role orientation double-blind confounding variables roles and role expectations
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Unformatted text preview: internal validity private self-consciousness control group external validity public self-consciousness B = f (P,E) deception role playing experimenter expectancy debriefing social psychology informed consent social learning theory bobo doll experiment vicarious reinforcement role theory Stanford prison study archival research interactionist perspective basic vs. applied research informed consent--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Principal Psychologists: Wicklund Bandura Zimbardo Rosenthal Bem Festinger Jones, E.E. Goffman Synder Lewin-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------self-presentation ingratiation self-promotion supplication intimidation exemplification self-attribution bias self-esteem self-verification self-serving bias self-handicapping self-monitoring basking reflectedglory...
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