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Typing Accent Marks and Other Special Characters on a Mac Accent Marks: At the same time, Press “option”, and the letter “e”, then release them. Then, type the vowel that you want to carry an accent. If you want to type "tú", for example, press “t”, then “option” and “e” at the same time, then press “u.” Dieresis/Umlaut (the u with the two dots): (ü) At the same time, press “option” and the letter “u.” Release. Then, press “u” again. For example, if you want to type “bilingüe”, type b-i-l-i-n- g. Then press “option” and “u” at the same time. Then type “u” by itself, and then of course “e.” ñ: Press “option” and the letter “n” at the same time. Release. Then type “n” again. For example, to type “niño”, type n-i, then press “option” and the letter “n” at the same time. Release. Then press “n” again followed by “o.” ¡: Press “option” and the exclamation point “!” at the same time. ¿: Press “shift”, “option” and the question mark key all at the same time.
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