1.4+methods+and+ethics+of+research - 1 The Methods...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 The Methods & The Methods & Ethics of Research Ethics of Research Well just mill around till hes asleep, and then send him back up. This operation is for a placebo effect. From the Previous Class From the Previous Class c Functions of the nervous system : What are the functions of the following? C Autonomic NS C Parasympathetic NS C Somatic NS C Sympathetic NS C Auditory cortex C Inferior temporal cortex C Motor cortex C Prefrontal cortex C Somatosensory cortex C Visual cortex C Brocas area C Wernickes area C Left hemisphere C Right hemisphere C Amygdala C Cerebellum C Corpus callosum C Hippocampus C Hypothalamus C Medulla C Pituitary gland C Pons C Thalamus C Midbrain Todays Questions Todays Questions c The methods & ethics of research : Science, research, & theory: C What is the relation b/w observation & reason? C What are the basic types of research designs? Research techniques: C What techniques are used to study neurons, the brain, & heredity of characteristics? Research ethics: C What rules must be followed w/ humans & animals? C What are ethical issues w/ gene & stem cell therapy? 2 Science, Research, & Theory Science, Research, & Theory c Basis of knowledge : Rationalism: Knowledge from intuition & logical reasoning Empiricism: Knowledge from through unbiased observation c Relation b/w observation & reason : Data: Empirical observations Theory: Explanation of phenomenon based on multiple observations Data Theory Science, Research, & Theory Science, Research, & Theory c Basic types of research designs : Correlation: C Record 2+ naturally occurring variables (e.g., drug use & aggressive acts) to assess relationship...
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1.4+methods+and+ethics+of+research - 1 The Methods...

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