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1.5+secrects+of+the+mind - Secrets of the Mind A...

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Unformatted text preview: Secrets of the Mind: A Neuroscience Video From the Previous Class … Methods & ethics of research: ◦ What do the following methods entail? Golgi stains Myelin stains Nissl stains Autoradiography Immunocytochemistry In situ hybridization Stereotaxic recording Stereotaxic stimulation EEG MRI ERP PET CT fMRI Lesioning Ablation Concordance rates Antisense RNA Gene transfer ◦ What are the ethical issues w/ bioΨ research? Today’s Questions Secrets of the Mind: ◦ What are causes & symptoms of the following? Phantom limb syndrome Blindsight Visual neglect Capgras delusion 1 ...
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