review1 - PSY 4322 Exam 1 Study Guide The exam will cover...

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1 PSY 4322 – Exam 1 Study Guide The exam will cover material from both the lectures and the text (Chapters 1-4). Although much overlap exists between the two, some of the topics listed may be from either the lectures or text only. Below, the underlined sections corresponds to the individual lectures, the arrow bullets correspond to the major headings on the lectures slides, the associated pages from the text appear in parentheses after the arrow bullets, and key terms are typed in italics. Note that you should not just memorize the material, but understand it and be able to apply it to other situations, as done in the lectures and text. Introduction to the Course h Origins of biopsychology (pp. 3-8) o Biopsychology (know what this term refers to) o Mind-body issue s Dualism s Idealistic monism s Materialistic monism o Early models of nerve activity (know how the following men viewed nerve activity) s René Descartes s Hermann von Helmholtz o Early research on localization (know how the following men contributed here) s Phineas Gage s Paul Broca s Franz Gall h Nature vs. nurture (pp. 9-15) o Genetic code s Chromosomes (know how many chromosomes are in body cells & sex cells) s Deoxyribonucleic acid (know the structure & function of DNA) s Genes (know the structure & function of genes) s Phenotype (know what this refers to) s Genotype (know what the following genotypes refer to) Homozygous genotype Heterozygous genotype s Alleles (know how combinations of the following alleles affect the phenotype) Recessive alleles Dominant alleles Co-dominant alleles s Sex-linked characteristics (know the relative prevalence of these characteristics in men & women, & the reason for the disparity) s Polygenic characteristics (know what these characteristics refer to) o Destiny vs. predisposition s Gene changes (know how genes may be turned on, turned off, upregulated,
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review1 - PSY 4322 Exam 1 Study Guide The exam will cover...

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