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3.2+vision+and+visual+perception - Vision Visual Perception...

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1 Vision & Visual Perception From the Previous Class … Hearing & language : square6 What are the functions of the following? square6 Pinna square6 Auditory canal square6 Tympanum square6 Ossicles square6 What are the causes & symptoms of the following? square6 Broca’s aphasia square6 How does localization vary among people? square6 Cochlea square6 Auditory nerve square6 Basilar mem. square6 Tectorial mem. square6 Primary aud. cort. square6 Secondary aud. cort. square6 Dorsal stream square6 Ventral stream square6 Wernicke’s aphasia square6 Dyslexia Today’s Questions Vision & visual perception : square6 Light & the eye: square6 What are the properties of light? square6 What are the structures & cells of the eye? square6 How do we perceive color? square6 To the visual cortex & beyond: square6 What are the pathways to & from the visual cortex? square6 How do we perceive form & motion? square6 What disorders follow damage to the visual pathways?
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2 Light & the Eye Light as a wave & as particles : photons Light & the Eye Eye structures : Iris Pupil Sclera ( protection & Conjunctiva ( protection ) ( pupillary light reflex ) containment ) Lens ( accommodation ) Cornea ( bends light ) Ciliary body ( accommodation ) Retina ( transduction ) Light & the Eye Retina :
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