3.2+vision+and+visual+perception - Vision Visual Perception...

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1 From the Previous Class … : s What are the functions of the following? s Pinna s Auditory canal s Tympanum s Ossicles s s Broca’s aphasia s How does localization vary among people? s Cochlea s Auditory nerve s Basilar mem. s Tectorial mem. s Primary aud. cort. s Secondary aud. cort. s Dorsal stream s Ventral stream s Wernicke’s aphasia s Dyslexia Today’s Questions : s s What are the properties of light? s s How do we perceive color? s s s s What disorders follow damage to the visual pathways?
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2 : photons Eye structures : Iris Pupil Sclera ( Conjunctiva ( protection ) ( pupillary light reflex ) containment ) Lens ( accommodation ) Cornea ( bends light ) Ciliary body ( accommodation ) Retina ( transduction ) Retina : Bipolar cells Ganglion cells Amacrine cells Horizontal cells Light from environment
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3.2+vision+and+visual+perception - Vision Visual Perception...

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