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1 From the Previous Class … : s What are the functions of the following? s Ampulla s Utricle s Saccule s Merkel receptor s Meissner corpuscle s Ruffini cylinder s Pacinian corpuscle s A-beta fibers s A-delta fibers s C fibers s Actin s Myosin s Muscle spindle s Golgi organ s Primary somatosensory cort. s Secondary somatosensory cort. s Anterior cingulate cort. s Periaqueductal gray s Basal ganglia s Cerebellum Today’s Questions : s Memory models: s s Memory deficits: s What are the causes & symptoms of memory loss resulting from brain damage, disorders, or aging? s Brain changes in learning: s What happens in neurons when we learn & forget info?
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2 Memory Models Information processing model : Working memory model (Baddeley) : Input Sensory Memory Store Attention Forget info not attended to in 1 sec Short Term Memory Store Long Term Memory Store Consolidation Retrieval Forget info not rehearsed in 1 min A “central executive” allocates cognitive resources, decides what Memory Models Multiple memory systems model (Tulving) : Declarative Episodic (events) Semantic (facts) Non-declarative Procedural (motor skills) Priming (S-S associations) Conditioning (S-R associations) Emotional (S-E associations) Memory Deficits Anterograde amnesia : s Causes: Damage to or removal of hippocampus &/or entorhinal cortex (that surrounds & connects hippocampus to other cortical areas) s Symptoms: Deficits in declarative memory of info learned
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3.4+learning+and+memory - Learning & Memory From the...

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