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Guidelines for Case Discussion This course relies heavily on case material. Extensive preparation, before class, and participation in class are required to ensure the course's success. I will direct class discussions. The quality of your learning experience will be directly determined by: (1) your degree of preparation, active listening, and participation, and (2) your classmates' preparation, listening, and participation. Some will not agree with you, and you may be asked to defend your argument or change your mind. Preparation: (1) Rapidly read the assigned case and other materials. (2) Review the discussion questions provided for clues as to what issues require special attention. (3) Re-read the case carefully, taking notes that sort information, facts, and observations under a number of relevant headings. (4) Formulate theories or hypotheses about what is going on as you read ("the company loses money on small orders"), modifying or rejecting them as new information surfaces
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Case_Discussion_and_Presentation_Guidelines[1] - Guidelines...

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