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Levison AMENDED  ENGLISH 310 Section 4 SPRING 2010 SYLLABUS AND  GRADING UNIT 1: BUSINESS ETHICS (readings are on electronic reserve) Analytical essay 15% (due Wed. February  24) UNIT 2: THE AMERICAN MALL  Information  essay with limited  research 20% (due Monday  April 19)  UNIT 3: OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY Argument  essay with  research 20% (due Monday  May 10) EXAMS Midterm  exam: (Wednesday  April 28) 15% Final exam (Monday  May 17
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Unformatted text preview: ) 20% HOMEWORK, CLASSWORK, PARTICIPATION 10% Absence policy: Absence for more than 6 class days will result in a grade of NCR for the course LAST DAY OF INSTRUCTION Friday May 14 FINAL EXAM Monday May 17 at 1:30-4:00 CAMPUS CLOSED Friday February 19 Monday February 22 Monday March 29 - Saturday April 3 CLASS CANCELLED Monday March 8 Monday April 5...
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