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HOMEWORK_DUE_FEB_24 - Writing and Reading Across the...

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HOMEWORK DUE WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 24 1. Finish your essay. Revise it thoroughly and proofread it thoroughly. Put it in an  appropriate folder clearly labeled with your name and English 310 and the section  number. Bring it to class on Wednesday.  2. Bring the cover sheet to class on Wednesday. We will fill it out in class. If you do not  have one, I have put it on ilearn. 3. Submit your essay to turnitin using the "How to submit to turnitin" instructions I have  posted on ilearn if you don't know how to do it. Your essay should be submitted by  February 26. 4. We will be starting our unit on Malls on Wednesday Feb 24. Bring the textbook, 
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Unformatted text preview: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum by Behrens and Rosen. Please read the articles below and answer the study questions by the following dates: Farrell article Friday February 26 Cohen article Monday March 1 Kowinski article Wednesday March 3 Postrel article Friday March 5 Start these as soon as you can so that you will get them done in time. We will also read the article by Lewis—that is very easy to understand and we will not be discussing it in class. The study questions are on ilearn in the Unit Two: Malls area and contain the page numbers of the articles....
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HOMEWORK_DUE_FEB_24 - Writing and Reading Across the...

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