Langstaff_study_q_s - Eng. 310/Levison "THE...

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Unformatted text preview: Eng. 310/Levison "THE SERPENT WAS THERE" STUDY QUESTIONS Study questions Answer these questions in your own words, on a separate piece of paper . All the answers are to be found in the text unless otherwise specified. Paragraphs 1 - 6 ethical dilemma - a problem in which it is hard to do the right thing because there are two different ethical principles (two choices, both seem morally right) locals - the native people of a country routine - following a normal pattern, no complications 1 Where and when did the story take place? 2 What was Margot Langstaff's job? 3 What organization did she work for and what did that organization do? 4 What four things did the surgeon tell the patient about the operation and what promise he make about the result? Paragraphs 7 -14 local anesthetic - a drug that is used during an operation so that a patient feels...
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Langstaff_study_q_s - Eng. 310/Levison "THE...

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