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Levison/Eng. 310 STUDY QUESTIONS FOR  GEORGE LEWIS: "THE MALL AS REFUGE"  (pp. 304-314, ¶1-10, 40-41, 70-83) Vocabulary: a refuge is a place where you are safe (from being attacked, from stress, etc.) Use your own words unless otherwise indicated 1. In ¶1 Lewis mentions 11 things besides shopping that can be found at malls. What are  they? 2. In ¶ 2, why does Lewis think that people in malls are nevertheless not a real  community? 3. In ¶ 3, according to Jessie Bernard, what two things make a community (words in  italics)? 4. In ¶4, how does Thomas Bender define a community?
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Levison/Eng. 310 5. In ¶ 5 Lewis describes features of malls that are designed to make people just 
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Unformatted text preview: concentrate on shopping. What are they? 6. In 6, give four facts about the people who come to malls. 7. In 7, why don't mall developers want malls to be real communities? 8. In 8, what two groups have actually developed communities in malls? 9. In 9, what do elderly people do at malls? (10. In 10, read more about the elderly) 11. In 40-41, what 8 facts do you find about teenagers in malls? Levison/Eng. 310 Optional: read 70-83 to discover why the elderly and teens have been able to use malls to create a sense of community....
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Lewis_new_study_qs - concentrate on shopping. What are...

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