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Jeannie Woo Spring 2010 ETHS 220 Ethnographic Research Project (30%) Each member of the group must play a significant role in the project. The group grade will represent each individual’s grade. One paper will be submitted for the whole group. It is the responsibility of the group to ensure each person has a task and role in the written and oral presentation. If the group feels one member is not living up to their responsibility, the group can petition to remove the member from their project. A CONSENSUS from the group must be reached before approaching the instructor. I. Paper (15%) Typed double spaced, 15-20 pages long, 12 point font, include pagination, fully formatted including introduction, evidence to support argument, defined thesis, conclusion, and citations. Project : Your assignment will be to make an “ethnographic” portrait of an Asian American “ethnic enclave.” This will be a research paper that combines both library work and participant observation. The goal is to understand the neighborhood; how this place developed, why does it still exist and who do they serve? Each group will select a particular ethnic enclave – this can be one street block of an ethnic enclave – and focus on that block for the research paper. The ethnic enclave – can focus on just the businesses (restaurants, grocers, bookstores etc. .) or houses in the neighborhood. A listing of ethnic enclaves can be found at the end of the guidelines page. The project site can be anywhere in the Bay Area, it is up to your group to decide. Keep in mind the logistics of having all five members getting to the same place. EACH member must participate in the ethnographic description whether together or separately and provide field notes to reflect their observations. The project site can be primarily business, residential, or a mixture of both. There are 5 sections to the paper: A. Ethnographic Description refers to the method anthropologists use in research – essentially making detailed observations of the project site and writing them up as field notes. Describing the place the best you can with some start up questions such as: What businesses are there? Who are their clientele? Where do they come from? What language do I hear spoken most often? Is the neighborhood heavily populated? At what income level would you guess the people are at? Does it function as a working and residential community or travel site? (are the people living and working there or just go there to shop and eat?) You have flexibility in this section where each
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Ethnographic_Research_Project_Guidelines - Jeannie Woo...

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