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Quiz2 - EGM 3400/3401 Quiz#2 Fall 2010 4 October 2010 1...

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EGM 3400/3401 Quiz #2 Fall 2010 4 October 2010 1
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Materials Allowed During Examination One 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet of paper with anything you would like to write on it provided that everything written on the sheet is in your own original handwriting . Pens, pencils, and erasers. Books, calculators, or other materials are not permitted for use during the exam. Guidelines for Solutions As I have stressed in class, communication is an extremely important part of demonstrating that you under- stand the material. To this end, the following guidelines are in effect for all problems on the examination: Your handwriting must be neat. I will not try to decipher sloppy handwriting and will assume that something is incorrect if I am unable to read your handwriting. You must be crystal clear with every step of your solution. In other words, any step in a derivation or statement you write must be unambiguous (i.e., have one and only one meaning). If it is ambiguous as to what you mean in a step, then I will assume the step is incorrect. In short, please write your solutions in a orderly fashion so that somebody else can make sense of what you are doing and saying. Point Distribution The exam consists of two questions and the value of each question is clearly indicated. Unless otherwise stated, full credit will be given for a proper application of a relevant concept (e.g., proper description of kinematics and kinetics, understanding how to compute a transfer function). Contrariwise, no credit will be given for a concept applied incorrectly, even if the final answer is correct .
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