April 6 - universal white male suffrage • Middle class...

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April 6, 2011 Mercantilism Charters – eminent domain State courts upheld charters NE support iron-mining and textile manufacturing 2. Democratic and Aristocratic Republicanism Democratic republicanism – ur not born in ur station & stuck there (Great Chain of Being done away with); not a socialist movement, just a greater range of opportunities for the middle class: this idea that if u work hard enough u CAN become a doctor or banker or lawyer with a white picket fence, etc.; Southern States were particularly Aristocratic Republican o Another thing to remember is that when we use this term democrat, we’re not merely speaking of a political party; it’s an idea: whenever the state grants access to public locations, etc. this is democratic; when goods that were once luxuries become necessities, this is democratic; o Not simply about the right to vote; not simply a political term o In merely 3 decades, we see this push for greater role of government Political equality and social mobility – what we see more of in these newly incorporated states is
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Unformatted text preview: universal white male suffrage • Middle class • Merit-based system – American Dream; if u work hard enough, you can one day achieve your dreams • Sentimentalism and marriage patriarch to paternalist – we see shifts in terms of familial relations as well as a result of this republican culture & this push towards democracy\ o Sentimentalism – stems from a movement in Europe called Romanticism, which challenged the rationalism of the Enlightenment; our Founding Fathers relied on reason to understand the world around them o When we think of the Romantics, we think of Francis Keats, Lord Pyron, people like that; & when we think of feeling, it’s not just love – it’s hate, pity, all types of feeling o Paternalist as opposed to authoritarian and patriarchal; fathers weren’t beating the living daylights out of their children/wives as they used; though some still did • Still Husbands control property...
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April 6 - universal white male suffrage • Middle class...

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