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Unformatted text preview: BRITISH EMPIRE: 1660-1750 (New PPT) • Restoration Colonies • Charles I I (r. 1660-1685) – gave New York to his brother James • James, Duke of York – named after him because he had the proprietorship of the r egion; becomes James I I after his brother Charles dies • New Netherland (New York) and New Jersey • 1663 – Carolinas (8 nobles; Lord Proprietors) o 8 nobles offered land o Most people moved to Carolinas from Virginia (poorer settlers looking for more land) and Barbados (small islands limi ted on land) • 1681 – William Penn • Pennsylvania • Quaker Colony – Protestant religion, differed from Puritanism in many distinct ways; believed in religious toleration; pacifists • “inner light” • George Fox/Margaret Fell – two visionaries that established Quaker religion; believed that everyone had an inner light of salvation, a more emotional take on j ustification by faith; believed in gender equality (since they both have inner grace); ...
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