Elizabeth's Monopolies

Elizabeth's Monopolies - Elizabeths Monopolies (or...

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Elizabeth’s Monopolies (or joint-stock companies) o Virginia is a great example of this type of system. Guinea Co. (1588) – created to establish the English slave trade East India Co. (1600) – more famous company; primary business was in spices; made England particularly wealthy Mercantilism (really good term for an exam) – economic theory that really justifies colonization; VERY important theory; defined by all European countries; the idea that there was only so much wealth o The goal is to have a favorable balance of trade – export more than you import; sell more than you buy o Plays a part in governments playing an active role; governments supporting companies, even subsidizing their endeavor; also created tariffs (taxes on imports; allowed your goods to thrive & discouraged the purchase of outside goods) English colonization – influenced by many factors
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Elizabeth's Monopolies - Elizabeths Monopolies (or...

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