European Voyages of Discovery

European Voyages of Discovery - exploration; traditional...

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European Voyages of Discovery Africa/America o First exploration truly occurred along the West Coast of Africa Portugal – set up the first factories and ports to control trade: gold, ivory, but also human trafficking; first system of human trafficking begins with the Portuguese Henry the Navigator o 1430s/40s – reach West coast of Africa; never went anywhere; “navigator” is sort of a misnomer; simply supported them Gold, ivory, slaves (Mediera Islands & Cape Verde Islands: off the coast of West Africa, set up plantations there; Brazil, West Indies) Route to Asia – they did find a route, a rather long route; primary motivation for
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Unformatted text preview: exploration; traditional route heading east was controlled by Muslims and Italians (places like Genoa) • Bartholomeu Dias o Cape of Good Hope (1488), often referred to at the time as the Cape of Storms; a mutiny occurred on his ship; his sailors were afraid of the rest of the journey; forced him to turn back; in the process, he got a good estimation of just how large Africa is & what it would take to round its tip • Vasco da Gama o India (1498); made it all the way to Calicut; came back to Europe with his ships laden with spices; made a fortune o Spices (cinnamon and pepper)...
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