Hamilton - we saw in England the Bank of England and under...

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Hamilton’s Financial Program – wanted to increase fed gov.’s money supply 3 Reports to Congress 1. Public Credit – first thing Hamilton wanted to do; people could redeem the credit & get higher interest, benefitted them more so than banking 2. National Bank – wanted to create financial security, particularly for the currency, the dollar; this bank initially would come under a 20-year charter, sort of an experiment; as
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Unformatted text preview: we saw in England the Bank of England and under Napoleon the Bank of France a Bank of the U.S. would stabilize the currency, keep inflation in check, & give people more confidence to invest in us 3. Manufacturers what was needed in the short term was an excise tax, on things like whiskey, tobacco, also tariff on imports (make foreign goods more expensive); wanted to generate some revenue first...
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